Connecting the Network of Humanity

We are an R&D holding limited liability company for our proprietary Human Resources Development System (HRDS) engine. We conduct pedagogical research and design systems that connect people to each other and optimizes their societal potential. Our work is rooted in social science research, automated by data science, and leverages Web3. We execute through business, and are inspired by the arts.


Flow Learning is our portal dedicated to education and human development. It is our company's social impact mission. Offering research on educational technology, educational psychology, pedagogical methodologies, constructivist education and STEAM. We also connect users to assessments, scholarships, and course content through various partners.

Mindoa Solutions

Mindoa Solutions is the sales channel for the applications built on the HRDS infrastructure, offering them as Data Science Services, Blockchain Services, and SaaS Brands that Grow With You. We Connect Humanity by Empowering Human Development with Community, Pedagogy, Performance Metrics, and Motivational Gamification.

Wapps Agency

We partnered with Wapps Agency LLC to develop our Web & App Solutions for branding, website, and digital marketing needs.

Human Resources Development System (HRDS)

Our mission is to become the global standardized operating system (OS) of human capital performance, metrics, and motivation.

Shafik N. Bahou

Shafik N. Bahou is the founder and visionary behind SNB Systems. His unique experiential exposure to different industries including teaching, acting, music, real estate, finance, data science, and his formal degrees in Cognitive Neuroscience in Education have positioned him to transfer knowledge from varying domains into finding solutions to unique problems.

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